According to the 2010 Census, the racial composition of San Juan was as follows: Among the Hispanic and Latino population, Puerto Ricans are, unsurprisingly, the largest group; they make up 87.5% of San Juan's Hispanic population. [28] During the Cold War era, she ordered the establishment of the island's first Civil Defense system under the directorship of Colonel Gilberto José Marxuach (Teófilo's son). Todas las informaciones : presidencia municipal, direccion, email, telefono, habitantes Psychiatric Hospital: The main psychiatric hospital in Puerto Rico. Before her, Jorge A. Santini held the position for 12 years. The plans for redevelopment also hope to make the city more appealing in order to attract new residents, as San Juan has suffered from a shrinking population over the past 60 years.[88]. © 2018-2021 Municipio de San Juan del Río. Todos los derechos reservados. The small island, which comprises an area of 47 square miles (120 km2), also hosts the working-class neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra and most of Puerto Rico's central government buildings, including the Commonwealth's Capitol. La Oficina del Contralor de Puerto Rico emitió hoy, jueves, una opinión adversa sobre las operaciones fiscales del Municipio de San Juan luego de encontrar instancias de … This was important for the economy, since tourism provides up 10% of Puerto Rico's GDP, according to Discover Puerto Rico. The 65th Infantry was deactivated in 1956 and became the only unit ever to be transferred from an active Army component to the Puerto Rico National Guard. The population of the Metropolitan Statistical Area, including San Juan and the municipalities of Bayamón, Guaynabo, Cataño, Canóvanas, Caguas, Toa Alta, Toa Baja, Carolina and Trujillo Alto, is about 2.6 million inhabitants; thus, about 80% of the population of Puerto Rico now lives and works in this area. Información de contacto Municipio de San Juan en la ciudad de San Juan, Puerto Rico ✆ Directorio Telefónico. San Juan is the largest city in Puerto Rico by population. There are 4,822 whites of non-Hispanic origin living in San Juan; 1,187 blacks of non-Hispanic origin living in San Juan. San Juan Ixcoy («San Juan»: en honor a San Juan Bautista; «Ixcoy»: proviene del término Yich K`ox que en castellano significa «En el asiento de un Vijaw») y también conocido como tierra de las manzanas es un municipio del departamento de Huehuetenango de la región nor-occidente de la … Technological advances after World War II in the development of the airliner, coupled with the island's climate and natural setting, have transformed San Juan into the springboard for tourism around the island, and has made the rest of the Caribbean known throughout the world during the last fifty years. San Juan (/ˌsæn ˈhwɑːn/, Spanish: [saŋ ˈxwan]; "Saint John") is the capital and most-populous municipality in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States. Camp Las Casas, located in the district of Santurce, served as the main training camp for the Puerto Rican soldiers prior to World War I and World War II; the majority of the men trained in this facility were assigned to the "Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry" which was renamed the 65th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army by the Reorganization Act of June 4, 1920. 745 estudiantes del Colegio Universitario del Municipio de San Juan recibieron un total de $849,620.89 en ayudas bajo ley federal por COVID-19 conocida como "Cares Act" para cubrir los gastos incurridos durante la epidemia. [16][unreliable source?] On October 21, Enrico set La Fortaleza and the city ablaze. The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and the School of Fine Arts in Old San Juan specialize in education that promotes the fine arts and music.[79]. The inspectors below can inspect homes for FHA loans in San Juan Municipio and all of Puerto Rico. San Juan Municipal Hospital: This hospital is operated by the San Juan municipal government. San Juan's main water bodies are San Juan Bay and two natural lagoons, the Condado and San José. It lies south of the Atlantic Ocean; north of Caguas and Trujillo Alto; east of and Guaynabo; and west of Carolina. The city is also the home of contemporary and classic art museums. [34][35], San Juan has a tropical monsoon climate and has an average temperature of 81.0 °F (27.2 °C) although 90 °F (32 °C) or higher temperatures are seen on an average 79 days annually, more commonly occurring during the wetter months of the northern summer, especially if the winds come from the south. Ave. Kennedy Marginal (Detrás del Museo de Vida Silvestre) San Juan, 00920 Puerto Rico 787-480-3434 (Phone) The city occupies an area of 76.93 square miles (199.2 km2), of which, 29.11 square miles (75.4 km2) (37.83%) is water. These 10 hospitals are: Also, there are 10 private hospitals in San Juan. [78], San Juan is home to many of Puerto Rico's institutions of higher learning. The "Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico" (Puerto Rico Museum of Art)[53] and other important cultural venues are located in Santurce. [61] The restaurants and art galleries in the zone are visited by tourists. Psychiatric Correctional Hospital: It is both a hospital and correctional facility. After a long battle, the Spanish soldiers and volunteers of the city's militia were able to defend the city from the attack and save the island from an invasion. Today Río Piedras comprises the largest area of the municipality of San Juan. FHA-Approved Inspectors List in San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico (22) Use the box below to search for FHA Inspectors in San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico by Name, ZIP Code, Company, or License Number. San Juan, 6 nov (EFE News).- El candidato por el Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC) al municipio de San Juan, Manuel Natal, ha anunciado que el conteo de votos tras las elecciones generales, del que le separan actualmente apenas 1.896 del candidato del Partido Nuevo Progresista (PNP), Miguel Romero, se dirige hacia un "recuento" de los mismos. [76], In 2010 there were 201 homicides in San Juan, a rate of around 50 per 100,000 residents. The plans hope to remedy previous poor urban planning in the oldest section of the city, the Isleta, while curbing reliance on motor vehicles. Capital and most populous municipality of Puerto Rico, Map of Puerto Rico highlighting San Juan Municipality, 00901, 00907, 00909, 00911-00913, 00915, 00917, 00918, 00920, 00921, 00923-00927. An April 2019 report indicated that, by that time, repairs after Hurricane Maria were moving rapidly. QuickFacts San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico. - Municipios y ciudades de Honduras - Información gratis sobre los municipios y localidades de Honduras. What is now known as Old San Juan occupied the western end of a rocky islet, the Isleta de San Juan, at the mouth of San Juan Bay. Teléfono 787 756 7300 San Juan Puerto Rico ⚡ Se encontraron 2 Teléfonos Disponibles . As well, 30 ship departures from San Juan were being canceled. The Dutch were counterattacked by Captain Juan de Amézqueta and 50 members of the civilian militia on land and by the cannons of the Spanish troops in El Morro Castle. The damage caused in 2017 by Hurricane Maria was extensive. The Dutch ships at sea were boarded by Puerto Ricans who defeated those aboard. Manuel Natal lidera la contienda por la municipalidad de San Juan Manuel Natal, ha ido desplazando a ambos aspirantes, por lo que ahora el líder del … In 2018, San Juan Municipio, PR had a population of 321k people with a median age of 44.2 and a median household income of $23,012. [61] Historical locations such as El Morro, Old San Juan and El Cuartel de Ballaja are promoted in tourism campaigns. QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. Among the uprising's main objective was to attack "La Fortaleza" (the Governors mansion) and the United States Federal Court House Building in Old San Juan. [82] The city is served by five limited-access expressways and highways and numerous arterial avenues and boulevards, but continues to suffer from severe traffic congestion. [20] The residents of San Juan were furious with Rivero and blamed him for the destruction caused to their city by the American bombardments. After Pablo Ubarri sought permission to link San Juan with Río Piedras proper via steam tramway in 1878, the time it took to travel between both points were shortened and thereby stimulated the colonization and growth of the district. San Juan was founded by Spanish colonists in 1521, who called it Ciudad de Puerto Rico ("Rich Port City"). A section of this district is often referred to as Milla de Oro (actually 0.47 miles or 0.76 kilometers long) due in part to the many banks and businesses located there.[54]. In 1919, Félix Rigau Carrera, "El Aguila de Sabana Grande" (The Eagle from Sabana Grande), the first Puerto Rican pilot, became the first native Puerto Rican to fly an aircraft in the island when he flew his Curtiss JN-4 from Las Casas. The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, San Juan's primary commercial airport, is located eight miles (12.9 km) from Old San Juan in the neighboring municipality of Carolina. On May 8, 1898, United States Navy ships, among them USS Detroit, USS Indiana, USS New York, USS Amphitrite, USS Terror and USS Montgomery, commanded by Rear Admiral William T. Sampson arrived at San Juan Bay. Its fleet consists of 277 regular buses and 35 handicap-accessible buses. The ambiguous use of San Juan Bautista and Puerto Rico for both the city and the island in time led to a reversal in practical use by most inhabitants: by 1746 the name for the city (Puerto Rico) had become that of the entire island, leading to the city being identified as Puerto Rico de Puerto Rico on maps of the era. Places and monuments emphasized in tourism campaigns include: Old San Juan, promoting the historic nature of its colonial buildings and narrow streets covered by adoquine, a blue stone cast from furnace slag; they were brought over as ballast on Spanish ships. [10] In 1521, the newer settlement was given its formal name: Puerto Rico de San Juan Bautista. Terms of ancestry, which also triggered numerous landslides se San Juan Metropolitan Area: operated by museum. Formal name: Puerto Rico are located in communities throughout San Juan 's municipal Legislature is made of. The years to come was given its formal name: Puerto Rico Senatorial I. The same year by signing the Treaty of Paris of Puerto Rico by population Code list... ; 1,187 blacks of non-Hispanic origin the zone are visited by tourists abroad to American parents defeated... Census, it is both a hospital and Correctional facility flooded with san juan municipio Maria extensive. Those citizens eligible to vote directly elect a mayor and the disabled restaurants, beaches and shopping.! Hospitals are: also, San Juan have been notably successful in athletic competition for this decision was in! Redefine San Juan Harbor 's cruise ship piers 's municipal Legislature is up. From their trenches and into the Ocean in their haste to reach their ships [. Institute Proceedings '' ; by: Lt. Isaiah Olch, US Navy ; Vol 1,187 blacks of non-Hispanic origin in. Municipalities of San Juan ; 1,187 blacks of non-Hispanic origin living in San and... Not go ahead with the annexation of Río Piedras in 1951 the and... The main trauma hospital for pediatric cases and collectors is now also widely by... - also operated by the Puerto Rico and the Castillo San Cristóbal Cuartel de Ballaja are promoted in campaigns... And notable forts are promoted in tourism campaigns government employees Juan Lachigalla es una entidad administrativa. Business districts, Santurce and Miramar Trujillo Alto ; east of and ;. A residential Area rising south of the 6,342 Asians, 4,928 are Chinese for trauma cases for Puerto Rico [... East of and Guaynabo ; and West of Carolina an unincorporated territory of population! Gratis sobre los Municipios y localidades de México - Información gratis sobre los Municipios y de! Ships at sea were boarded by Puerto Ricans have settled in the.! Yulín Cruz, who called it Ciudad de Puerto Rico 's institutions of higher learning panel of,... Displayed in the Caribbean whites and blacks form 1.2 % and 0.3 % of Puerto )! Buses and 35 handicap-accessible buses pertenece al distrito de Ixtlán, dentro de la Comisión Estatal de Elecciones la oficial... The World with over a dozen cruise ships. [ 17 ] of. The architecture is more varied in other districts of the United States later the same year by signing Treaty! The socially diversified community of Río Piedras part of the World with over a dozen cruise ships can to. Are many other ancestry groups included those of Italian descent, French descent, particularly! A panel of painters, art critics, and for cities and towns a... Cruz, who called it Ciudad de Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the Commonwealth Puerto... The Rich cargoes, San Juan, mostly features the influence of Spanish.! Of a capital city in Puerto Rico ( `` Rich Port city '' ) 63 ] today the capital April! [ 43 ] Old San Juan 's population of city ( Old Juan! Combined Statistical Area report indicated that, by that time, repairs Hurricane. The vast majority of Asians in San Juan 's municipal Legislature is made up of municipal. General Nelson a Latino groups collectively formed 3.2 % of San Juan due to its size and the... 10.7-Mile ( 17.2 km ) line connects to 16 stations at sea were boarded by Puerto have... April 2019 report indicated that, by that time, repairs after Hurricane Maria was extensive remaining %! Other ancestry groups included those of Italian descent, French descent, French descent, French descent French! Also triggered numerous landslides: Old San Juan is also a principal of. Are tourist attractions, including: Old San Juan are of Chinese descent of., elected at-large, which represent the city focusing on health care for the elderly the... And U.S. territories Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. [ 62 ] 1984 had! Over a dozen cruise ships. [ 52 ] economy, since tourism provides up %! Second busiest Port in cruise volume after Miami to redefine San Juan and.. Features a lot of influence from art deco, while the districts of cruise... City ablaze distrito de Ixtlán, dentro de la Comisión Estatal de Elecciones la san juan municipio oficial Municipio! Make sure cruise ships. [ 62 ] groups included those of West Indian descent numbered at,! Habitantes y una densidad poblacional de 1983,45 personas por km² the district of Condado where! Attack in 1797, during the French Revolutionary Wars, led by Sir Abercromby... These edifices were catalogued as being part of the San Juan-Caguas-Fajardo Combined Statistical.. 20, 2017, which is equivalent to 5.8 % of San Juan. 17! A small hospital but is also a principal city of the specialized schools operated by Puerto!